The Wood Bow Tie is that perfect fashion accessory that be worn formally and casually. Here are five occasions we recommend you sport your new wooden bow tie and turn heads.

1. The Races


Getting dressed up for a horse race meet is a great opportunely to show some off some new fashion. Next time you’re shirting up for the races, get your wooden bow tie out.

2. Weddings


Weddings trends are veering away from the traditional church format and becoming a more colorful celebration with weddings in tropical locations or even the beach becoming very popular. Rather than blending in with the crowd, pop on your wooden bow tie and celebrate in style.

3. Casual Friday


Casual Friday in the office doesn’t always have to mean a polo shirt. Put on some nice chinos, a navy shirt and your wooden bowtie for your Friday in the office, you can are set to kick on straight to Friday night drinks.

4. Friday Night Drinks


A dressy bar is always a hive of fashion and new looks. A wooden bow tie will smarten up your look, without making you too formal. Perfect for a night on the town.

5. Dorsia


Okay, not necessarily Dorsia (excuse the movie reference), but any nice restaurant or tapas bar is an ideal venue to sport your wooden bow tie. Don’t blend in with the open shirt – stand out with a wooden bow tie.